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Introducing 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service

The 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution forbade the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within the United States and all territories. Imagine working all day and not being able to look forward to a cold beer or a nice glass of wine when you got home. That must have been terrible!

Thankfully, prohibition is no longer the law of the land. Now, we all freely enjoy happy hours, liquor store trips and a nice cold beer anytime we want. An industry sprouted up dedicated to setting up mobile bars at the events that mean the most to us. 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service was created to provide mobile bar setups and craft cocktails for weddings, corporate events and sports tailgates.

Creative signature cocktails, beautifully set up bars and unparalleled customer service are what you can expect every time you book 18th Amendment. Here are the reasons you should choose 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service:

Pricing is Straightforward and Transparent

If you do a little research, you will notice that our competitors all have great packages on their websites. They all have everything you would want listed. But, when you try to figure out how much it all costs, you see “Call for Pricing”. All the pricing for the services provided by 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service are prominently listed on our website. The prices don’t change for the day of the event, last minute bookings or because you caught one of our salespeople on the wrong day.

Recruiting Partnership with Surefire Event Staffing

A mobile bar service is only as good as its people. When it’s your wedding, corporate event or sports tailgate party, you want bartenders that are highly skilled, present well and are able to offer pleasant small talk to your guests.

Our sister company, Surefire Event Staffing is the premier provider of hospitality and event staff in the San Antonio and Austin markets. All they do, eight hours a day, five days a week is recruit and interview bartenders and banquet servers. When a bartender truly sets themselves apart with their dependability and bartending skills, they are offered an opportunity to audition with 18th Amendment. During the audition, the bartender is asked to make 3 classic cocktails and one creative cocktail of their choice. If they can ace the cocktail audition and an extensive follow up interview, they are added to the 18th Amendment roster.

Partnering with Surefire Event Staffing adds legitimacy and consistency to our recruiting process. No one is interviewed in a coffee shop. And, every potential bartender is background checked with follow up background checks every 6 months. In addition, Surefire Event Staffing ensures that every bartender is TABC Certified and holds a valid Food Handler’s Certification. Again, these certifications are checked every six months.

Experienced Management

The management team at 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service has a combined 43 years of hospitality and events experience. Each member of the management group can make decisions and accommodate requests in both the San Antonio and Austin markets. You won’t ever have to track down one owner/bartender that is trying to run multiple events on any given day. You will have a dedicated member of management available anytime for order adjustments or problem solving 24/7.

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