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The Perfect Cocktail for Your Event

The staff at 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service work tirelessly to make your event fun and unique. Beautifully set up bars, unparalleled management and professional, experienced staff are just the beginning of what we offer.

Each month, the 18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service staff and bartenders get together to workshop new Signature Cocktails. The first Tuesday of each month they gather in the 18th Amendment offices to try out new recipes and to bounce ideas off each other. At the end of the night, the best new cocktail is chosen and added to the lineup of Signature Cocktails that we offer to our clients.

Innovative Signature Cocktails are always on our minds. We are constantly trying new techniques and experimenting with any new liquors that we can get our hands on. All the work that we put in on the R&D side of things really comes through with our events. But it all starts with the most important part of our process:

Initial Call

The initial call is the most important part of our process of getting your mobile bar event put together. We start by getting the basics: date of event, location of event, start/end time of event, number of guests, number of bars needed, number of bartenders needed, etc. After all the basics are determined, we get into the fun stuff.

What type of event are you having? Wedding? Corporate? Party? Are your guests beer/wine drinkers, whiskey drinkers, martini drinkers, all the above? Once we know what your guests like to drink, we start working on Signature Cocktail ideas for your event.

Tasting at 18th Amendment

After the initial phone call, we schedule a face to face meeting. During this meeting we confirm all the details and answer any questions you might have. You will also get to meet the management team responsible for putting your event together.

Once the details are hammered out, it’s time for the tasting! We have a full bar set up in our San Antonio and Austin offices. We always have one of our bartenders on hand for our meetings. They are there to mix up the Signature Cocktail ideas that we have prepared. The bartender is also there to tweak the recipes or to even come up with new ideas on the spot. When the tasting is complete, you will have the perfect Signature Cocktails for your event.

18th Amendment Mobile Bar Service stands ready for your booking. Let’s start the process with a phone call and get a tasting on the calendar!

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